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Random Orbit Sanders

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About Random Orbit Sanders

Random orbit sanders are hand-held power sanders where the action is a random orbit. Random orbit sanders combine the speed and aggressiveness of a belt sander with the ability to produce a finer finish than that available from a standard, slow speed orbital finishing sander. The random orbit sanding pattern is produced by simultaneously spinning the sanding disk while moving it in an ellipse. This ensures that no single part of the abrasive material travels the same path twice. Because of this unique random sanding action, random orbit sanders do not leave swirl marks, and are not sensitive to the direction of the wood grain. This makes it useful when sanding two pieces of wood that meet at right angles. Random-orbital sanders use sandpaper disks, and many include integrated dust collectors. Disks are attached using either pressure sensitive adhesives or a hook and loop system. On models equipped with a dust collection feature, a vacuum effect sucks sanding dust through holes in the paper and pad, feeding it to a bag or canister.