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About SawStop Saws

SawStop at! Colorado customers only

SawStop Table Saws are equipped with a safety system that detects when someone accidentally contacts the spinning saw blade, and then stops the blade in milliseconds. In most cases, such an accident would result in just a nick on a SawStop saw, instead of the devastating injury which would likely occur on an ordinary table saw.

Not only are SawStop Table Saws the safest table saws on the market, they are also exceptionally high quality machines that are consistently ranked at the top of their class.

Important Note: At this time, can only ship SawStop products to addresses located in the state of Colorado. If you wish to purchase SawStop products outside of the state of Colorado, please visit and find the authorized SawStop dealer in your region. The price of all SawStop table saws includes freight shipping anywhere in the state of Colorado. SawStop accessories are subject to normal shipping rates.

Coupon Codes: At this time, all SawStop products are excluded from any coupon codes or promotions.